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This time I will share a  result of My interview with my Mom

Try  you note this photo :


Let’s guess who is she ? JENGG JENGG JENGG she is Selena gomez wkwkwkwk *justkidding*.She is my dear Mom, okay My mom is a teacher in Senior High School ,she has teached for 10 years

My mom is a teacher of FIQIH,by his become a teacher  is something a pride because she can sharing knowledge that many to all student.especielly about FIQIH .in teaching my mom using methods discussion all student are required to be active in asking and  answer .She thinks this method more easily  to be understood by all student .She says become a teacher also not easy  because all student have level of understanding different, because it a teacher must have patience in presenting the material

According to my mom become a teacher must be able to share time between teaching and care of the house if you already married, because you will find it difficult,and dont forget to enough mom says, a teacher have important role to make all student to be a successful person


finished already the result of the interview

Bye Bye see you next time





Adverb of Manner,Time,Place,and Frequency

Hasil gambar untuk adverb

  • Adverb of Manner
 Slowly,Carefully,Fast,Well,Beautifully,and Quickly
  • Adverb of Time
Today,Tomorrow,Yesterday, on Monday,In 1997, On july and at 7:30
  • Adverb of Place
Here,There,in Pontianak,on Jalan Ahmad Yani ,at UPT Bahasa Untan,at 
your house
  • Adverb of Frequency
Sometimes,Never,Always,Once, Twice



Core Vocabulary

Hasil gambar untuk vocabulary

Adopt define

  • to take or receive into any kind of new relationship

Career define

  • success in a profession, occupation, etc

Code define

  • asystem for communication by telegraph,heliograph,in which long and short sounds,light flashes, etc. are used to symbolize the content of a message

Doubt define

  • to be uncertain about; consider questionable orunlikely; hesitate to believe

Effort define

  • exertion of physical or mental power

Force define

  • physical power or strength possessed by a living being

Oppose define

  • to act against or provide resistance to; combat

Potential define

  • possible,as opposed to actual

Serve define

  • to offer or have a meal or refreshments available,as for patrons or guests

Aid define

  • to promote the progress or accomplishment of;facilitate

Robots in the Home

Hasil gambar untuk transformer

Robots is a machine ,especially one programmable by a computer capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically.In this age many people using a robots to help their work be easy .I am also included ,I used at least 10 electronic devices in the  past 24 hours . just like Handphone,Television,Fan,Laptop,Refrigator,AC (Air  Conditioner ), Flatiron,Blender,Mixer,and Lamp

Everyday activities robots can help me blending some fruit or making juice, help me communicate with other people and to listen my favorite song.It would be great if robots can teach us all languages of the world.we should not always using a robots,if the job easy we have to do it yourself .like washing clothes ,it can make our bodies be healthy because we are a lot of moves.



I can’t imagine life without Water 💧


Holla holla everyone 🙋🙋

How are you ??? i hope you always fine and god bless you

Welcome back to my blog, and now i will tell you about my third story

First, you know what ???  Many contries lack the water resources like in Pakistan,Uzbekistan,Irak,Sudan,Mesir and  Suriah .I hope this not happen in our country

Water is very important for me I swear I can’t imagine life without water. Most of the water comes from sea water .water can be present as clouds,rain,rivers,lakes,water vapor and sea ice .

Many uses of water ,example to drink,bath,cook,and water is also needed by plants. Plants need water to grow as well as human. Water is beneficial  for health because water can meet the needs of fluid in the body, water can be used to treat a varity of malignancies and one thing that women need to know water can keeping the skin beauty .

you try to think ,how if this world there is no water ???? im sure the world will be barren ,all living things cannot grow well,and our lives will be disturbed 😔 .

if we do not want it to be, then we must preserve nature with using enough water,throw garbage in its place,and recycle scrap materials  🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌.


Okay see you again in the next story 😘


My Skills


Assalamualaikum 🙏

Hello Holla  everyone🙋🙋

How are you today???? I hope you always  fine and god bless you

Welcome back to my blog and now i will tell you my second story about my skills

Long time ago when i was 7 years old i really like singing ,and i like to sing a songs Dangdut hehehe🙊🙉

And i am often singing in front my friends they say  my voice very good and nice to hear, i ever singing  in my  school graduation  “i was very embarrassed “😜

I am often follow the competition when i still in junior high school .I’ve got runner up in August 17 Dangdut competition , and the top 10 singing competition school level

But when i was in senior high school i started to like Pop song, such a song from Ariana Grande,Justin Bieber ,Demi lovato  everyday and everytime i always  hear and sing their song especially the song from justin bieber entitled life is worth living because the song is very nice to hear and meaningful. I ever dreamed i become famous singer and song writer and i also dreamed make a song with justin bieber .I know it was just a dream but i hope it can be achieved and i’ll show you that i can .I can certainly get a lot of awards to make my family proud of me .😌🙏

Okayyyy see you again in the  next story

Why i continue my study to university level 

Checkk checkk checkk 📣📣📣

Assalamualaikum warohmatullah hiwabarokatuh 

Holla Holla everybody 

How are you ????? I hope you always fine and god bless you 🙏

I would like to introduce myself.My name is Ariana grande upssssss 🙊🙉🙈 sorry *justkidding*.okay emm my name is Atika suri you can call me Atika ,tika ,or tik.I come from Pontianak,West Borneo.I was Born in Pontianak on March 2th,1999 and now im 18 years old 💃

Well i live at Ahmad Yani Sepakat 2 street number 8 Padaherang.its my first time to writing story about my life in a blog.

Now i want to tell you story  about my life , after i finished my studied in senior high school,i am confused because i dont know where to go 😭 . I tried to think to continue my study at University,and I choose “Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in Tanjungpura University” especielly department of chemistry.

The reason why i want to continue my study to university level,because i want to be a useful for many people in this world 🌍 and i want to make my family 👪 proud of me . 

I choose department of chemistry because I really really like chemistry and I want to know more about it.i get many new lesson and i can do practice chemistry  in laboratory. 

I hope my future goals will be achieved to become a pharmacist 💉
Bye bye 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋

See you next time in my another story 💋💙💚💛


Lirik Lagu Indonesia Raya

Ciptaan:WR Soepratman

Indonesia tanah airku

Tanah tumpah darahku

Disanalah aku berdiri

Jadi pandu ibuku

Indonesia kebangsaanku

Bangsa dan Tanah Airku

Marilah kita berseru

Indonesia bersatu
Hiduplah tanahku

Hiduplah negriku

Bangsaku Rakyatku semuanya

Bangunlah jiwanya

Bangunlah badannya

Untuk Indonesia Raya
Indonesia Raya

Merdeka Merdeka

Tanahku negriku yang kucinta
Indonesia Raya

Merdeka Merdeka

Hiduplah Indonesia Raya
Indonesia Raya

Merdeka Merdeka

Tanahku negriku yang kucinta
Indonesia Raya

Merdeka Merdeka

Hiduplah Indonesia Raya