grup task (Robot in the Home)


I think Robots will make our lives better just like helping us in working on a difficult job and robots make our live worse because the robot make us lazy doing something. I want to make a robots that can teach all the languages in the world.

PART B. ( Interesting stuff )

In paragraph 1 : This trend will allow us to live richer lives as robots take over boring housework                  duties

In paragraph 2 : Finally in the same way that microsoft developed an operating system that could work on different kinds of computers engineers are now beginning to write computer code for a potential common robot operating system

In paragraph 3 : Some people may oppose the idea of robots in every home but most of us will happily welcome them in our lives.


  1. Computers and Robots
  2. Robots will improve our lives in many ways


  • Airlines Pilot

Robots cant be airline pilot because become an airline pilot needs a high consentration and awareness

  • Cook

Robots can be a cook because a cook not a difficult job

  • Doctor

Robots cant  be a doctor because become a doctor need ability about health

  • Police officer

Robots cant be a police officer because robots cant serve the people

  • Singer

Robots can be store clerk because robots cant be said better

  • Store Clerk

Robots can be store clerk because robots can be set to have a high speed

  • Taxi Driver

Robots cant be a taxi driver because there is some term condition that human have to take adecision

  • Teacher

Robots can be a teacher because robots can teach us all the languages







Cleanliness of The Environment

Assalamualikum warohmatullah hiwabarokatuh

Before i begin to deliver this speech, i would like to invite you to thank to Allah SWT the almighty who has given us mercy and blessing and also lets deliver sholawat and salam to our prophet Muhammad SAW who has broughtus from the darkness to the brightness.

Ladies and gentlement , today i would like to deliver a speech about “Cleanliness of the  environment”

Our environment is our life and our environment gives us life. Realize it or not we live in this world depends on the environment. We must be aware we drink water from our environment , we breath air from our environment, and we eat foods which are planted from our environment. Good or bad the condition of our environment will definetly affect our liive even our existence.

Lets our remember a few years ago there were many green trees around us but now those green trees are gone and repleaced with towering buildings. A few years ago we could still breath deeper to fill our lung was gone and repleaced with carbon monoxide and our particle af dust. Few years ago we could still look at our reflections because of the clear water but now those reflection was gone and repleaced with turbid water.

Ladies and gantlement

Small action such as planting some trees put trash in the right place, save electricity, and reduce the usage of motor cycle will save our environment from destruction. If this small actions are done by people in this world it will create an opportunity to restore our environment from destruction once more.

The future condition of our environment depends on us. We who live now have abig responsibility to restore our environment so in the future we ca still live a better life if our environment is destroyed our life will be destroyed too. Treat it well and it will treat us well.

Thats it all my speech , i hope my brief speech about cleanliness of the environment will be useful for us and i would like to say sorry for all my mistakes. Thank you so much for your attention

Wassalamualaikum Warohmatullah hiwabarokatuh




Hello my friend , meet again with me the most Gorgeous girl Who else if not Atika Suri *upps*

Today i will sharing stories about my daily life From 10 May to 17.

On the 10th of May Precisely on Wednesday , Actually on that day I was on holiday but in the afternoon i I have to go to campus because i should prakticum Almost three hours I was in the lab. Around five o’clock  im going home, after that, I take a bath, then eat and rest

On the 11 th of May Precisely on Thursday  , On this day I enjoy my day off  In the morning I shower and eat with family, In the daytime iam watching TV with my sister and the night I started working  the report and finished around 1 pm, after that I sleep

On the 12 th of May precisely on Friday ,around 1 am i go to campus to attend a meeting which discuss about event Himki’s anniversary. Around 4 o’clock I just finished meeting and then me and my friend went to the library to complete the task After it’s done from there me and my friend go home respectively. arriving at home i take a bath and then eat after that i start doing the task, at 9 pm I rested.

On the 13 th of May precisely on Saturday  around 12:30 am i go to campus to prakticum Organic chemistry Almost four hours I was in the lab. Around five o’clock  im going home, After that I take a bath and then eat and rest

On May 14 to 16 Is a boring day for me because I can not feel the rest comfortably from morning to evening I am just in front of my laptop to do very many lecture assignments I almost feel frustrated about it but I try to remain calm and patient until this task is done. After this task is done I go straight to the library to find references

On the 17 th of May precisely on Wednesday I have started to go to college In the morning around 7 : 30 am I learn math Until 10 o’clock. After that around 12:35 am I have to go to campus because i should prakticum basic chemistry almost three hours I was in the lab. Around five o’clock  im going home, After that, I take a bath, Then eat and rest


This is my very boring daily life

See you next time 


My Future Business

Hasil gambar untuk restaurant impian


Assalamualaikum hello everyone

How are you? I hope you always fine and god bless you

Meet again with me the one and only gorgeous girl in this world hahaha *justkidding*

After all this time  Im not writing on blogs, today i will share a story about My future business

I really like eating ,so I imagine if I later become business woman I want to have a culinary business.All food that I sell is a typical indonesian food like fried rice, Gado-gado,Bakso,Satay,Sambal,Soto,Nasi uduk,Gudeg and Gulai.

I choose Indonesian food because in my opinion all typical indonesian food very unique can not be found anywhere and very special because every food has a meaning and comes with interesting spice seasoning which can make the body healty.

Family restaurant that name will be the name of my restaurant ,I choose the word family because i want everyone who came to my restaurant will feel calm and relaxed such as at home gathered with family .All the food i will sell with a cheap price so everyone can eat in my restaurant .In my restaurant will be equipped with a playground so that every family that brings children can easily playing. I will also open branch restaurants throughout the city in indonesia

 That’s my dream business in the future , For you don’t  forget to pray for me so I can make it happen.  Bye Bye ,see you again



Hollaaa hollaaa everybody

How are you? I hope  you always fine and God Bless you

This time I will share a  result of My interview with my Mom

Try  you note this photo :


Let’s guess who is she ? JENGG JENGG JENGG she is Selena gomez wkwkwkwk *justkidding*.She is my dear Mom, okay My mom is a teacher in Senior High School ,she has teached for 10 years

My mom is a teacher of FIQIH,by his become a teacher  is something a pride because she can sharing knowledge that many to all student.especielly about FIQIH .in teaching my mom using methods discussion all student are required to be active in asking and  answer .She thinks this method more easily  to be understood by all student .She says become a teacher also not easy  because all student have level of understanding different, because it a teacher must have patience in presenting the material

According to my mom become a teacher must be able to share time between teaching and care of the house if you already married, because you will find it difficult,and dont forget to enough mom says, a teacher have important role to make all student to be a successful person


finished already the result of the interview

Bye Bye see you next time





Adverb of Manner,Time,Place,and Frequency

Hasil gambar untuk adverb

  • Adverb of Manner
 Slowly,Carefully,Fast,Well,Beautifully,and Quickly
  • Adverb of Time
Today,Tomorrow,Yesterday, on Monday,In 1997, On july and at 7:30
  • Adverb of Place
Here,There,in Pontianak,on Jalan Ahmad Yani ,at UPT Bahasa Untan,at 
your house
  • Adverb of Frequency
Sometimes,Never,Always,Once, Twice



Core Vocabulary

Hasil gambar untuk vocabulary

Adopt define

  • to take or receive into any kind of new relationship

Career define

  • success in a profession, occupation, etc

Code define

  • asystem for communication by telegraph,heliograph,in which long and short sounds,light flashes, etc. are used to symbolize the content of a message

Doubt define

  • to be uncertain about; consider questionable orunlikely; hesitate to believe

Effort define

  • exertion of physical or mental power

Force define

  • physical power or strength possessed by a living being

Oppose define

  • to act against or provide resistance to; combat

Potential define

  • possible,as opposed to actual

Serve define

  • to offer or have a meal or refreshments available,as for patrons or guests

Aid define

  • to promote the progress or accomplishment of;facilitate

Robots in the Home

Hasil gambar untuk transformer

Robots is a machine ,especially one programmable by a computer capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically.In this age many people using a robots to help their work be easy .I am also included ,I used at least 10 electronic devices in the  past 24 hours . just like Handphone,Television,Fan,Laptop,Refrigator,AC (Air  Conditioner ), Flatiron,Blender,Mixer,and Lamp

Everyday activities robots can help me blending some fruit or making juice, help me communicate with other people and to listen my favorite song.It would be great if robots can teach us all languages of the world.we should not always using a robots,if the job easy we have to do it yourself .like washing clothes ,it can make our bodies be healthy because we are a lot of moves.